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Oct 03,  · Spanking art, Head of the house, Domestic discipline art. Apparently it's Swedish before All I can say is even with all those skirts on - OUCH! A bundle of switches like that is going to hurt something awful. Tagged: Classic spanking art, Domestic discipline, Classic DD. Jul 03,  · Whilst there are spanking machines out there in real life, spanking art allows for a certain licence with the laws of physics which takes one deep into the world of fantasy, assuming mechanised spanking is something that grabs your imagination!

If you love consensual but strict adult spanking, then I am sure you will find something to like here. This new blog is going to be a place where from time to time, I and a few other contributors write about our thoughts in the wonderful world of firm discipline and introduce various topics within the spanking genre. Nov 11,  · A collection of spanking stories. A good spanking with a hairbrush. A Japanese spanking. Dressed in her jeans for a spanking. Spanked in front of a friend. An open air spanking. Interview with spanking model Kiri Kelly () Part 1. Badly behaved girls after a spanking. The belt, the hand, and the cane. Naughty girl receives a spanking.

That is, bondage and corporal punishment as a sexual element in film. Here, those wacky French were decades ahead of the rest of the world. Credit where it's due dept: this is a public domain film-loop rediscovered and re-released on the Cult Epics dvd "Vintage Erotica anno ". Our modern society has decided that the corporal punishment of children is a bad thing. I don't agree, and I share these images as a way of trying to remind people that there was a time - not all that long ago - when everybody, including children themselves, accepted that sometimes children were naughty and when they were, there was a way of dealing with it that was decisive, but didn't Views: 33K.

An old man recalls a childhood friend's punishment. Severe: M/f: Children: Stuck At Home: 4: 35, When a distant dad and his rebellious teenage daughter are trapped at home by a pandemic, he has to learn how to discipline. Unknown: M/f: Children: The Slipper and the Cane: 4: 9, A man must discipline the delightfully. spanking, punishment. Your Account | Contact Us. Available Products. All Products Available Products Sold Products Category: Spanking. Search. Available. Man spanking adult woman on bloomers. Do It Now. A woman spanking a man with a rug beater. The Dirks. Cause and effect. Momma spanking .

What Kind Of Spanking Do I Deserve? 10 Questions - Developed by: Eminem Lover - Developed on: - 32, taken - 45 people like it Been a bad boy or girl, have you? Did you get in trouble and now you're going to get a spanking? All right, then. To find out . Spanking F/M, Femdom, Female Led Relationship (FLR) A: Lexan Motivation: Husbands requests motivation to keep him on his diet. Spanking F/M, Domestic Discipline (DD), Female Led Marriage (FLM) A: First Birthday Spanking: Looking forward to giving wife her first ever birthday spanking, the plot twists. Spanking F/M, Femdom, Assisted, Female Led.