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adult treated like baby - Adult baby likes his ass poked by his mummys strap-on outdoors

Danny stood 5'8, and had a small, fragile frame. His black hair that touched just passed his ears complimented his perfect blue eyes. Just looking at Danny, he looked fairly normal, but he had a secret. A secret no one else knew. Danny had a fascination with diapers, and overall just being treated like a baby. by Alexandra. Listen, everyone loves to be babied from time to time but how about being treated like a legit baby. Like diapers, bottles, the whole nine yards. year-old Jess knows firsthand what it's like to live as a full-grown adult baby. Her YouTube Channel has grabbed the attention of many followers, , to be exact, by documenting her life as an adult baby through videos.

Every day she would nag on me and threaten me. Then one day she snapped. She told me about a friend of hers at work who had an overgrown man-child that stayed in diapers and was treated like a baby. She said that if I wanted t0 act like a baby and not have any responsibilities, then I would be treated like one. If you act like a little kid, they'll treat you like a little kid. Kids break the rules. Adults are mature enough to respect their parents' or guardians' wishes and rules when living in their house. For instance, when you have a curfew, make sure to be home on time.

Can an adult be legally treated as a baby and not an adult if that’s what they needed? Someone with a vested interest in the well-being of the adult can petition the Court for guardianship of the adult, on the grounds that he/she is not competent to care for himself. I was in tears "but mom I don't want to be treated like a baby!!" I wined. "Well then maybe you should have thought about that before you decided to wet the bed!" She sat me back down stairs and said "Now you better listen to me this time or you'll be in bigger trouble then you already are." This time I listened to her in fear of what would be.

This story focuses on being forced into diapers or being treated like a baby. It may be against your will or you could like it or it could grow on you. Rules: 1) Sex should be very rare. All girls in this want you to be their baby or to be a baby for someone else. 2) Make additions that are written well and at least a paragraph long. Then he shoved a bottle of baby formula into my mouth and says "Act like a baby get treated like a baby". Then he says to drink the bottle so I do. Then he says "haha now you can't control your bowel movements". Ten minutes later I am lying in my poopy diaper and I start to cry. My mom and dad come into the room and change me and I start to cry.