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These are the anime moments that no one saw coming. For this list we're joined by Todd Haberkorn as he counts down some of the most shocking revelations in a. Feb 06,  · Megavideo Adult Film Blogspot Anyone Else Have No Life When It Comes To Anime? Anyone else have no life when it comes to anime? - megavideo adult film blogspot NOT ME! Today I saw the last 3 episodes of Elfen Lied (SAD) Hellgirl after .

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Feb 11 Acneo Premieres Anime Short About Adult Acne Feb 11 Tokyo Ghoul 's Creator Sui Ishida Gets Exhibition Feb 10 Children of the Sea Director Initially Drew Storyboards for Double the Film's Length. And then I find out this anime is 47 episodes long! Disclaimer: I have trouble watching long anime series and I also hate love-triangles, harems and ecchi. This sure is a unique anime, it definitely feels like a shoujo (josei) anime with some adult-oriented themes. Thus, this probably not one to watch for folks who dislike those sorts of anime/5(18K).

When a popular MMORPG is scheduled to be shut down permanently, veteran player Momonga refuses to log out. As NPCs begin to develop personalities and minds of their own he decides to put his /5(). Sex Galaxy - One hundred years in the future Due to overpopulation and the effects of global warming, s*x has been declared illegal on Earth. Sex Galaxy .

Jan 20,  · Adult action/adventure anime? Looking for an anime with a lot of adult themes/gore. such as Elfen Lied. Any suggestions would be awesome thanks. Gantz probably as well, or otherwise try Source(s): I am the source. 0 0. cdgal. Lv 6. 1 decade ago "kuroshijitsu". although i wouldn't say it's an adult action anime. it has. Buy this DVD at Teens in a holiday-camp. First love, first sex, first self-made theatre performance of "Romeo and Julliet" - quite i.