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australian water dragon adults care - Dueling Dragons make a mess

Water Dragons are usually active in the Sydney region from September to June, becoming inactive during the cooler months. To survive the the low winter temperatures Water Dragons will enter established burrows or scrape their own between boulders and logs in or near riverbanks and pack dirt into the opening to seal themselves off. Australian Water Dragon Care: You have to handle these lizards with care. You have to regularly maintain the feed ratio and temperature in the enclosure along with humidity to keep the Australian water dragon happy. The unmatched conditions can irritate and bad effect on the lizards and sometimes they become aggressive.

Australian water dragons come from a very warm environment so they struggle with the cold of the UK. To insulate against this we recommend keeping the dragon in a wooden vivarium. Due to the temperature gradient required we would normally select an enclosure as close to 4 x 2 x 3ft as possible with large vents and glass sliding front doors. Sep 19,  · Australian water dragons need a standard day and night cycle. They will also need some UVB exposure. Utilize a percent UVB lamp to cover most of the enclosure during the day. Humidity. High humidity levels are a must with Australian water dragons. This species will need around 70 percent humidity levels at all times.

The usual Australian Water Dragon will get to live for at least 20 years so long as it gets the proper care and nutrition it needs to thrive well in captivity. However, if you happen to have a particularly healthy lizard and as long as you give it maximum care, there is no reason why it will not be able to live past 25 years. Housing. Indoors it can be housed in vivaria from cm long by 60cm deep by 60cm high, as a minimum for an adult pair. The sides of the cage should be opaque except for the front glass to give the dragon some sense of security. The dragon is likely to be very nervous and damage itself in cages made entirely of glass.

Australian Water Dragon with caution and patience until he is used to you. With the right treatment and care, you will have an impressive-looking pet that makes a sweet companion. Origin or Range: This species lives only in the far eastern part of Australia from Eastern Victoria in the South to Cairns, Queensland, in the North. The range of this lizard is limited by several factors: 1. There must be water basins (called billabong in Australia) . Nov 05,  · A water bowl is a must, but a larger tray or pan for soaking is ideal. Crisscross the upper portion of the cage with horizontal perches, at least one of which allows the Australian water dragon to bask directly below a heat lamp. Australian water dragons can withstand mild chilling as long as daytime highs allow them to get toasty warm each day.