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Welcome to the website for Bray and Wicklow Adult Learning Centres. It is to help you to keep learning while you are at home. Work on the activities yourself or with your tutor and let us know what you think! More activities coming soon. Bray Adult Education Centre KWETB. News. Location. Courses and training for adults. Category: Further Education/Training. Full-time adult education courses founded on the principle of social inclusion. Second-chance learning. Vocational courses funded by the Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme (VTOS) and Back to Education Initiative (BTEI).

Bray Adult Education Centre is offering Inclusive Education and Training (6M) for the first time in September Students who enrol on this course will acquire the skills and underpinning knowledge to develop best practice in disability and inclusion in a variety of settings. Successful students can look forward to taking up employment. Bray Adult Education Centre is a core VTOS centre. Its full-time students are supported by VTOS. After 6 months on a Jobseeker, One Parent Family or Disability payment, a person becomes eligible for VTOS. This offers free education and/or training.