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Feb 23,  · Two national organizations will accept orthopedic supplies, including boots, braces and slings: Samaritan’s Purse and MedShare. In both cases, you can ship materials, but you’ll need to fill out a donation form first to confirm acceptance. Legs 4 Africa collects donated prosthetic legs in the UK. It sends the parts to mobility centres in Africa to make new custom-built prosthetic legs. Donate a prosthetic leg (Legs 4 Africa).

Patients that were in serious car or falling accidents that resulted in hip damage may need a hip support brace. The hips are one of the bodies main hinge points, allowing you to twist and control leg movement. If you suffer from hip adduction contracture, the pelvis tilts at an extreme angle, walking and sitting may become difficult. A strong hip brace helps your body stay aligned with . Before shipping any donations, please call World Medical Mission at () Guidelines. When evaluating donations for mission hospitals, World Medical Mission must consider the equipment’s condition, its intended use as well as the maintenance requirements and the availability of parts and accessories.

We accept all types of equipment and supplies related to health care, not just those in the brief list below. We do NOT accept medicine, contaminated items, or hopelessly broken items. Please do not use us as an alternative disposal facility. Diabetic test strips, liquid nutrition, formula, etc., may be expired up to a year. Apr 07,  · If you’d like to do further research into these (and other charities), please see Charity Navigator, an independent charity evaluator.. If you prefer to find a charity that’ll pick up your donations, check out DonationTown.. If you know other charities that accept unwanted items, please let us know about them in the Comments.

Care of your Brace. Usually knee braces are worn directly next to your skin, so frequent cleansing is important. Your brace can be cleaned with a wash cloth and mild, soapy water. If your brace has removable pads, they should be hand-washed with mild detergent, rinsed thoroughly, and air-dried. Saddle soap can be used on leather portions. Donations can be dropped-off at our distribution center Monday through Friday ampm. Medical Bridges performs pickups during business hours Monday through Friday. To schedule a pickup, please contact Marcel Benavides at or fill out the donation form, and a representative will contact you to finalize the donation.

Local Organizations That Accept Donations. There are many local organizations you can check in with if you'd like to donate medical supplies during a national disaster, epidemic, or pandemic. Keep in mind that during an epidemic or pandemic, donations may be put on hold in order to prevent contamination. Nov 16,  · Angels with Limbs (Long Branch, NJ) g: Angels with Limbs is a charitable, non-profit corporation soliciting unused artificial limbs so as to recycle their usable prosthetic components in fabricating a new prosthesis for needy un-insured or under-insured New Jersey amputees.