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The Greek Goddess of love, Aphrodite, created the first rose, according to Greek mythology. When Aphrodite’s lover, Adonis, was severely wounded, his blood and tears mixed as they fell, forming red roses where they landed. Moreover, when her son Eros was married later, roses were said to have bloomed across the land. Eros Turned into Cupid. Eros, the Greek god of love, is an important player in many myths and legends. Also known as Cupid, Eros could shoot gods or mortals with his arrows and cause them to fall in love with one another.

The mythology of ancient Greece and ancient Rome is the Older Than Feudalism namer of many tropes, in addition to well-known gods, heroes and important element of Ancient Greece, The Roman Republic and The Roman Empire.. Classical mythology is sometimes referred to as "Greek Mythology" by people who don't think the Romans contributed much or take the two mythologies . Feb 14,  · Over time, Psyche became known in Greek mythology as the deity of the soul. Today, the myth of Psyche and Eros still symbolizes the search for personal growth through learning — as well as true love, of course! The myth of Cupid and Psyche - Brendan Pelsue.

Eros (Cupid) God of love. Early Greek myths see Eros as a primordial being. According to Hesiod, from Chaos, Eros was born together with Nyx, Erebus, Gaea, and Tartarus. Eros, Gaea and Tartarus seemed to be self-created. Hesiod doesn’t write much about Eros except that he was “the fairest among the deathless gods“. Greek Mythology is full of versions about God Eros. According to the most popular myth, Eros was son of Aphrodite and Mars (maybe that is why we tend to say ’Make Love not War’). Plato presents a different opinion, though, indicating that Eros is a son of Chaos, representing harmony.

Eros was the little son of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Like his mother, Eros helped others to fall in love. Aphrodite had many ways to do this. Eros had only one. When Eros shot his little arrows into an unwary victim, that victim fell in love with the very next person they saw! EROS IN GREEK MYTHOLOGY The name Eros is given to two gods of the Greek pantheon, the first being one of the Protogenoi, and the second, a son of Aphrodite, with the second Eros being by far the most famous of the two. The Parentage of Eros.

Aug 25,  · Eros While the best-known myths of Eros depict the son of Aphrodite as a fertility god — the version that proved inspirational to the popularized Roman god Cupid — later Greek . Eros Eros – known as Cupid to the Romans – was the Greek god of sexual attraction, a constant companion of Aphrodite.