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In the past, when a child was born with a facial disfigurement, nobody could explain why. Thankfully, scientific progress has shown that the causes of many congenital conditions are the result of genetics. We can now, more or less, explain why somebody has a facial disfigurement. This not only raises the hopes of prevention and cures, but also. Other facial injuries that involve disfigurement are eye injuries, lacerations, and soft tissue damage. Other body parts can also sustain disfiguring injuries. Burn marks on arms and legs are particularly noticeable, even after skin grafting. Head injuries that leave scars 5/5(18).

Jun 23,  · Fear of people with facial disfigurements is a common phobia, yet, unlike other fears – of height, of water, of the dark – it is seldom discussed, perhaps because so much popular culture, from The. Mar 10,  · Face disfigurement is one of the utmost psychologically damaging things that a person can undergo. The Story of Leola Mae Harmon Why Me - The Story of Leola Mae Harmon: This is the bestseller that became one of the best made for television movies ever.

A leading cause of facial disfigurement is the surgery needed for removing cancers. Skin cancers are one of the most common forms of cancer in the UK and very often occur on the face. Surgery on the face is extremely delicate and removing any tissue can significantly affect how somebody looks. Sep 24,  · Having a facial blemish or disfigurement can be a painful psychological problem for those affected. Today's society is extremely image conscious, and .

Background: Psychological and physical stresses from head and neck cancer can be substantial for patients and partners. There is minimal research exploring treatment impact, particularly facial disfigurement after surgery.