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If you experience pain, discomfort, or self-consciousness because of large breasts, a breast reduction could significantly improve your quality of life. At Savannah Plastic Surgery, we offer this effective procedure and are proud to share the results we have helped previous patients achieve in our breast reduction before and after pictures. Breast reconstruction candidates are usually women who have had their entire breast (s) removed with mastectomy. Others lose their breasts to trauma. The physical and emotional health and stability of the breast reconstruction candidate is important and should be .

Richmond Breast Reduction Surgeon, Dr. Sundin, utilizes the latest techniques in Reduction Mammaplasty Richmond: Tysons Corner: MENU MENU. Breast reduction, for most women, is a life-changing operation. Not only does breast reduction have visible cosmetic benefits, it can also provide relief from a variety of medical problems caused by the weight and mass of the breasts.

Case # - Breast Reduction Young woman with no children but very large breasts, which caused back, shoulder, and neck pain. Reduction on both sides by Dr. Hubert removed 1, g from the right, and 1, g from the left. This significantly improved her symptoms Read More.