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Jan 18,  · As the Dick Cheney biopic Vice draws to a close, it leaves viewers with one of its most emotional scenes: Mary Cheney, the former vice president’s younger daughter, sobbing on . Interview with Dick Cheney | RealClearPolitics Interview with Dick Cheney KING: With us exclusively this morning is a key player in the administration Mr. Obama is so fond of blaming, former Vice.

Jun 25,  · The following is a transcript of Neil Cavuto's interview with Vice President Dick Cheney that took place June 25, NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Mr. Vice President, great to have you at Fox. Mar 24,  · • 24 min read March 24, — -- The following is ABC News' Martha Raddatz's interview with Vice President Dick Cheney in Ankara, Turkey on March 24, ABC NEWS' MARTHA RADDATZ: Mr. Vice President, I want to start with the milestone today of 4, dead in Iraq -- Americans -- and just what affect you think that has on the country.

Jun 09,  · Sacha Baron Cohen worked undercover on Who Is America? for over a year before the show debuted, with his new character, an Israeli anti-terrorism expert, being the one who interviewed Cheney .