Viki puts a condom on small cock - stepped on a condom


stepped on a condom - Viki puts a condom on small cock

Last night while walking on the street, i accidentally stepped on condom filled with semen.i was wearing men's slippers which tore and so while i took out my slippers on the street, i did not realise that i had stepped on this wet condom which was lying on the floor.i quickly began to wipe the semen on my are my risks assuming that an hiv positive person had thrown a used condom. Feb 14,  · Push the foreskin gently back toward the tip of the penis. Once you have rolled the condom down to the base of the penis you can ease the foreskin back over the head. Hold onto the base of the condom with one hand, to prevent the condom 81%(97).

Sep 21,  · I accidentally stood on a used condom on the street, as soon as I got out my car, there it was. I'm wondering if there is any risk of pregnancy from the used condom, I don't know how long it was there for, it didn't look old, but still I'm worried. I got back in my car and now I'm stressed that I could have semen in the inside of my car too.